Friday, October 12, 2007

The Right Way Around

The trouble with doing a blog in chronological order is that is messes up the way the episodes are viewed so I thought it might help to do a single blog where the episodes were able to be seen from beginning to end in 1 place instead of scattered all around at least until I can get some web space to do it properly and as a backup for when they aren't able to be accessed elsewhere.

The 1st episode of an animated comic about a science fiction writer that meets some of the characters he writes about and has to go on a daring rescue.

Peter and Cyan get captured by the Zylons when they trap the S.T.A.R.ship with a stasis field

Peter Jameson contacts Steve Nelson to get his help in rescuing them from the Zylons

Peter and Cyan find a way to keep the Dream Police from Brain Probing them and Steve goes to find some support in mounting a rescue operation

Peter and Cyan use Tantric Yoga to Astral Travel as the Zylons tow them to their Hive Base

Peter and Cyan are taken to a Zylon prison cell, The Hive Queen reports her progress to the Illuminati Headquarters then Steve and Peter start build the Gyrotwister in the Rollercoaster Factory

Steve and Peter make progress building the Gyrotwister while Peter and Cyan tumble through the Astral Plane and The Illuminati seek help from the Goddess Eris.

Peter and Cyan try to tap into the Akashic Record of the Collective Unconscious while the Greek Goddess of Discord responds to the prayers of her worshippers in the Illuminati by sending the Goat God Pan to waylay them on their journey.

Peter and Cyan deal with the Carpet Crawlers and the Chamber of the 32 Doors while Steve and Peter finish building the Gyrotwister then take off to get help from Joe and Luke

Peter and Cyan have a showdown with Pan after solving the puzzle of the 32 doors

S.T.A.R. is bored by being forced to wait and decides to make some mischief of his own as revenge on the Zylons for holding him prisoner.

Cyan seeks a better way to defeat Pan than Peter is trying and opens a portal to persuade Apollo to help them.

Steve, Peter, Luke and Joe form a strategy for the rescue operation

Apollo brings Eris and Pan to trial to get to the bottom of the conspiracy while Peter and Cyan serve as witnesses

Peter and Cyan are invited to visit Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty while S.T.A.R. figures out his next move in escaping the Zylons by implementing an alternate propulsion system.

Aphrodite tries to seduce Peter so Cyan has to step in to foil her vain plot while Apollo gets permission from the Gamemaster for them to travel to the source of all things

Luke and crew finish preparations for the rescue while the Zylon Queen contacts the Illuminati for reinforcements,

Peter and Cyan return to floating through the Astral Plane while the Illuminati High Priestess tries in vain to contact Eris the Goddess of Discord

Peter and Cyan find the complex of the Gamemaster while the Illuminati have a meeting at their headquaters

The Gamemaster explains the rules to the Grande Game of Existence to Peter and Cyan

The Dream Police arrive at the Zylon Base and try to infiltrate S.T.A.R.'s hardware.

Peter and Cyan find out the connection of vibrations to everything in existence

S.T.A.R. deals with the Illuminati Agents that are trying to take him apart by using the Improbability Generator against them and turning them into emoticons.

Joe and crew travel to the Zylon base and fight a space battle to rescue Peter and Cyan

Peter and Cyan recieve some instructions from the Gamemaster and resume their Astral Travel back to their bodies

The Zylon Queen reports on the missing Agents and The Illuminati have a meeting on how to deal with S.T.A.R

Steve and Peter race along the corridors of the Zylon Base to rescue Peter and Cyan

The battle rages around the Zylon base with Joe and Luke making some progress while the Dream Police try to brain probe Cyan with no success

Steve and Peter wipe out the Dream Police and the Zylon Guards to release Peter and Cyan from the prison cell while Peter and Cyan return to their bodies from their Astral Travels.

Peter, Cyan, Steve and Peter fight their way through the corridors of the Zylon base to get back to the S.T.A.R.ship while Joe and Luke battle the Zylon fighters.

Peter, Cyan, Steve and Peter finally make it back to the S.T.A.R.ship. They take off to confront the Zylon fighters who call in reinforcements to try and stop them from escaping.

S.T.A.R. pulls a fast fake move with the gyrotwister to force the Zylons into a collision course while Eris shows up at the Illuminati Temple and takes her revenge on the agents

The virus that S.T.A.R. left in the Zylon Base finally infects the self-destruct that expodes to wipe out the Queen. That stirs up the Zylon Fleet like a nest of hornets so s.T.A.R. uses the Improbabilty Generator to create an instant asteroid field that the Zylon pilots can't avoid crashing into.

Eris raids the Illuminati Headquaters and wreaks vengance on the agents by turning them into cartoon stooges

Peter Jameson, Cyan Jones, Steve Nelson, Luke Shermir, Joe Huckworth and Peter James all meet back at Luke's Lab to relax after the rescue operation.

The final animated comic episode of my novel